Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.Do you have a drainage issue or erosion problem that needs a professional solution? We have experience solving all types of drainage problems. When it comes to drainage issues, there is no substitute for experience. Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc. has the expertise required to get your drainage problem solved the first time around. We have been solving drainage & erosion issues for 14 years. From minor water issues to major storm-water problems, we have the expertise to solve your property's drainage issues. Before any work is done, we always provide a thorough explanation and free estimate prior to beginning the project.

If you have water pooling in your yard or you have a hill with an erosion issue, Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc. will come up with an economical solution to your drainage or erosion problems. Many times our clients are surprised at how simple the solution is to their drainage problem. We have come up with many different solutions and used several different kinds of material to solve drainage and erosion issues. We will make the best possible recommendation to you to solve your drainage problems. We have several references so please call Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc. today.

There are many homes on hills in the Kansas City metro area and anytime there is a hill on your property, erosion and drainage problems are likely. Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc. is very familiar with the topography in the Kansas City metro area and we have probably solved drainage and erosion issues that are very similar to yours. The solution to your drainage issue may be straight forward or may require a new hardscape installation. Get your lawn back, call Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc. today and let us solve your drainage or erosion problems once and for all!


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We are licensed and insured in the states of Kansas and Missouri.

Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.


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