Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.We install only the highest quality plant material from established, reputable nurseries all around the United States. Amend and fortify the soil to ensure that your plants thrive and stay healthy, not just survive.

Landscape Design

A well-designed home landscape needs to be both visually pleasing and functional. It should offer pleasure to the family, enhance the neighborhood, and add to the property's resale value.

Let Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc. show you how we can have your site live up to its potential...from meandering paths through formal & informal niches in your little slice of nature to the sounds of water gently cascading over a gentle stacked stone outcropping.

Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc. designs and drafts landscape plans to client specifications.

Landscape Maintenance

We know that the time management responsibilities of today's property managers and home owners are great. We can lessen the amount of time you will need to spend managing your landscape with our maintenance services.

Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc. will maintain all aspects of your exterior maintenance and provide you with a reporting system that will keep you up to date on the condition of your property. We will monitor the health of your landscape, as well as, offer you ideas on how to enhance your overall landscape for the long term. We offer custom annual and planter designs.

Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc. specializes in maintaining office parks, corporate campuses, retail spaces, multifamily residential, industrial parks and hospitality.


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Licensed and Insured

We are licensed and insured in the states of Kansas and Missouri.

Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.


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