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Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.Do you have a beautiful home or lawn that you would like to highlight in the evening? Outdoor lighting will highlight your homes best features. You may want to highlight a beautiful stacked stone retaining wall or water feature, or you may want outdoor lighting to highlight your home. The right outdoor lighting plan will really make your home pop and create a whole new outdoor environment for entertaining family and friends.

Landscape lighting is a great security feature as a thief is much more likely to approach a dark home then a home that is brightly illuminated. Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc. has developed hundreds of different outdoor lighting plans for every type of home. Call Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc. today for your free on-site consultaion.

In addition to providing outdoor lighting plans that will improve your homes nighttime appeal and security, the outdoor lighting fixtures that we use are second to none. Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc. is proud to offer several packages designed to fit any budget from Vista, Hadco, Kichler, and Nightscaping.

Outdoor lighting is a great way to make your home stand out at night. Your complete lawn care plan should include landscape lighting to highlight your home, your beds, your patio, beautiful trees, retaining walls, koi ponds and other landscape features. Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc. has been installing outdoor lighting in the Kansas City area for years. We have many references and would like to speak with you about your outdoor lighting plans.

Please call Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc. today and let us develop an outdoor lighting plan that will highlight the beautiful features of your home and greatly improve your homes curb appeal. Our initial consultation is free so call today.


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Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.


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