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Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.Do you need a new retaining wall or do you have any existing retaining wall that needs to be repaired? Kansas City based Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc. is the company you should call for all of your retaining wall needs. We have been building retaining walls for years and our expertise is significant. If you would like to speak to us about your retaining wall project, please call today and we will schedule a free on-site consultation to discuss your project.

Whether you need segmental retaining walls, natural stone or pavers, you will be glad to know that Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc. has worked with many different kinds of materials and we have completed retaining walls and hardscapes of all shapes and sizes.

Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc. is meticulous when it comes to planning the details of each retaining wall that we complete. Our landscape designer will develop plans based on your individual needs and we will recommend the best material for your job. All of our retaining wall plans include the proper drainage and footings, no detail is overlooked.

Whether your retaining wall project is simple or very complex; you can count on Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc. to be a partner you can trust. We look forward to making your new retaining wall a reality and a beautiful part of your hardscape. Many of our clients also install outdoor lighting on their retaining walls in order to highlight the walls in the evening.


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We are licensed and insured in the states of Kansas and Missouri.

Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc.


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