Your Landscape - Our Pleasure

We're Guessing You're Here Because:

  • It's time to spend more time outside enjoying your life and  landscape.
  • The neighbors expect you to be the lawn and landscape trendsetter for the neighborhood.
  • Your newly purchased home could use a hint of outdoor living pizazz .
  • To grade and define your outdoor space requires a bigger digger than you have in your garage.

Whatever the reason or the season, Pinnacle gets Kansas City Metro residential landscapes in tip top shape.

Residential Landscapes for Beauty and Style

Transform Your Yard
Put in a New Lawn
Add or Repair a Garden Bed
Nightlights Delight

residential flower path

A new landscape literally brings life  to your property. 

A well-designed residential landscape needs to be both visually pleasing and functional. It should offer pleasure to the family, enhance the neighborhood, and add to the property's resale value.

We love to bring out the hidden potential of your yard...from meandering paths through formal & informal niches and little slice of nature,  to the sounds of water gently cascading over a gentle stacked stone outcropping.

hand on soft grassSurround your home in a blanket of cool fresh grass.

Let's get growing!

You'll feel cooler with plants and the soothing green texture provided by a healthy lawn. Mix that with some lovely plantings and your family will sail through the dreaded heat waves of summer. Sod or Seed, we'll get the right fit for your setting.

Let's get that grass growing early. Feel free to set up a free consultation. Please call  913-851-0423 or fill out our online form and we’ll get right back to you. 

garden bedsShaped Living Spaces that Fit Your Lifestyle

A lively garden bed brings year-round color, delight, and intrigue into areas of your yard.

Loose and free flowing or prim and proper, the plant kingdom is expansive, and there are varieties that thrive in almost any condition and for any design. Not to mention the new visitors you will attract, butterflies, hummingbirds, and busy pollinating insects.

It doesn't take much to have a lovely respite right outside your back door.

outdoor lighting shines at night

Turn on the Lights!

Outdoor lighting is a great way to make your landscape and home come alive at night.

By reflecting the surfaces and deep hues of your beds, patio, foliage, rock walls, and water features, your yard takes on a whole new dimension at night.

Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc. has been lighting up the Kansas City night with outdoor lighting installations for years. We have many references and would like to speak with you about your outdoor lighting plans.


  • Theft Security
  • Whole New Outdoor Environment
  • Safety at Night
  • It's Just Darn Exciting!

Pinnacle Lawn Care is proud to offer several packages designed to fit any budget from Vista, Hadco, Kichler, and Nightscaping.

Practical Solutions for Residential Landscapes

Privacy Hedges
The Mulch Factor
Retaining Walls

privacy hedge


Interesting Shapes 

Seasonal Color

Pinnacle considers the location, time of year, type of plantings, and soil conditions when determining the best hedge, trees, and shrubs for your landscape.

In no time, a strong and beautiful privacy hedge works for both you and your neighbors. It's a win-win!

mulch servicesWhat's not to love about a fresh mulch application?

     Great shapes and colors!

     Keeps the weeds down.

     Keeps the water in.

     Sharpens up the garden edges.

     Insulates plants during winter months.

Call Pinnacle Lawn Care, 913-851-0423 and we can quickly drop by and give you an estimate for fresh mulch that will brighten up your garden areas and love up your plants.

drainage issues solved

Drainage Issues Don't have to be a Bummer!

We take the edge off minor water issues to major storm-water problems.  Every situation is different, and our expertise will get your property back on track. Before  any work is done, we always provide a thorough explanation and free estimate.

The Good News

Many times our clients are surprised at how simple the solution is to their drainage problem. We have designed many solutions and creatively implement different kinds of material to solve drainage issues. We make the best possible plan that channels water effectively and beautifully.

It's Time to Get Your Lawn Back!

The hills in Kansas City are glorious backdrops for our neighborhoods but erosion and drainage problems are common. Pinnacle Lawn Care  is very familiar with the topography in the Kansas City metro area and we have probably solved drainage and erosion issues that are very similar to yours. The solution to your drainage issue may be straight forward or may require a new hardscape installation. 


natural stone retaining wallStunning Walls and Features

Do you need a new retaining wall or do you have any existing retaining wall that needs to be repaired? Pinnacle's team has been building retaining walls for years and our expertise is significant.

Meticulous Eye and Planning - Spectacular Results

After a free initial consultation, our landscape designer will develop plans based on your individual needs and we will recommend the best material for your job. All of our retaining wall plans include the proper drainage and footings, no detail is overlooked.

Pavers - Stone - Block - Wood - Sleek - Rustic - Basic - Ornate

Count on Pinnacle for a Wall that Measures Up

We look forward to making your new retaining wall a reality and a beautiful part of your hardscape. Many of our clients also install outdoor lighting on their retaining walls in order to highlight the walls in the evening.

Count on us to install only the highest quality plant material from established, reputable nurseries. Our expert attention to modifying your soil ensures that your plants thrive and stay healthy, not just survive.

Transform your property incrementally over several seasons or do a big overhaul. Our team will develop an affordable plan so that you end up living in the green space that you envision. If you're after curb appeal and a fresh living space or want an attractive solution for drainage or erosion problems our team can step you through the exciting path to a flourishing landscape.