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1. Is there any charge for the first on-site consultation with a landscape designer?

No, the first consultation with a potential customer is free. The first consultation with an existing customer on a new project is also free of charge.

2. Does Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc. belong to any professional organizations?

Yes, Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc. belongs to Associated Landscape Contractors of America (ALCA) and Mid American Green Industry Council (MAGI).

3. How much can I expect to spend on a professional landscape?

Costs vary depending on the complexity of the job. Landscaping your property can range in price from $1,500.00 to $30,000.00 depending upon your needs.

4. What guarantee does Pinnacle Lawn Care, Inc. provide for its projects?

Our standard warranty on trees and shrubs is one year from the date of planting.

5. Are there any limitations on the plant guarantee?

No, not as long as you follow the suggested guidelines of proper plant care outlined by your designer. We cannot guarantee plants if, for example, the client waters too much or not enough.

6. What is an on-site consultation?

An on-site consultation is a meeting between the designer and you, the client, in order to develop a feel for your landscaping needs. This is your opportunity to convey your ideas and preferences on trees, shrubs, flowers, and other materials to the designer. They designer will take pictures and measurements to help in developing a cost estimate of your landscaping goals.

7. What information should I provide at the on-site consultation?

As a potential client, you should be able to articulate your landscape goals as well as any plant types and color combinations you prefer. A plot plan for your property is also helpful but not required.

8. What happens after the on-site consultation?

Measurements of your desired landscaping area are taken in order to make a landscape plan based upon your requests. Then the designer will contact suppliers to negotiate the best rates for the high quality materials needed for your landscape plan. Then a meeting is arranged to go over and finalize the plan and all the decisions.


We work collaboratively with our clients, listening to their needs, to ensure that the their plan is clear and is interpreted correctly in the finished project.

“Your team did a great job with clearing our leaves, hard working, we really appreciate it.”


"Your team figured out the issue and our system was back up and running! We can't thank you enough for your prompt great service! We continue to refer Pinnacle and this is just another reason why. "


"Your team continually asked if we wanted anything changed. We have never had such a detail oriented crew. We will continue to recommend Pinnacle for anyone's landscape needs. "

MR. H.

"The project was finished last night and it is awesome! I had my doubts about preserving the plant area but it turned out incredible. We are extremely pleased."

MR. F.