Clip, Trim, Feed, & Tidy - Pinnacle's Services Keep Your Yard Looking Top Notch Year Round

It's time to consider our maintenance services

  • If your current maintenance company doesn't measure up
  • If you're frequently out of town, or just don't have time to deal with your yard
  • If the size of your yard is too big for your gear.
  • If you manage a Homeowner's Association and need the grounds kept up.
  • If you want to rest assured your commercial property looks sharp every day

Pinnacle proudly keeps the Kansas City Metro looking great with our lawn maintenance and irrigation services.

Lawn Maintenance



Blades Sharpened Daily for a Precise Cut!

Our lawn care services include weekly lawn mowing and maintenance of your property.  We cut grass and do edging along beds, concrete, walkways, and curbs.

A manicured lawn doesn't happen by simply running a mower over it. Our comprehensive lawn service leaves the lawn looking it's best every time.

Endless Green Lawn Maintenance and Irrigation

5 Steps for a Job Well Done!

#1 Inspect Mowing Area

We check the premises and remove all trash, limbs, and debris.

#2 Custom Cut

We custom cut your lawn to a height and frequency that best fits your turf type. 

#3 Trim

Any areas that cannot be reached by the mower will be expertly trimmed.

#4 Edges

We edge all borders, walks, curbs, driveways after each mowing.

#5 Clean up

All debris from the mowing process will be removed from hard surfaces, patios, decks, parking areas and streets. 

Yard Maintenance and Cleanup



In addition to our professional lawn care services, we provide all of the on-going maintenance that you need to maintain your home's curb appeal. Our maintenance services are year round and include everything you need to ensure that your yard looks its best at all times.


We balance soil


Apply pre and post emergent

Manage pests

Clean Up

Hefty Spring and Fall Cleanup

Care for plant beds

Remove debris

Trim bushes

Edge and Prune


Mulch & Monitor

Maintain mulch levels

Keep an eye out for changes as seasons change.




Set your irrigation system to automatically stop and start within your desired time frame for maximum effectiveness and savings. You'll never roll up a hose again.

      • We develop custom design and installation of quality irrigation products.
      • We also maintain and repair all brands of existing irrigation systems.
      • We also provide a monthly maintenance service for clients' systems.

Take the guesswork out of watering.