commercial irrigation system by Pinnacle

Change your landscape and your life! Our professionally designed and installed irrigation systems save time and let your healthy landscape speak for itself.

A freshly watered landscape first thing in the morning lets you say "Ah-ha, I'll cross that chore off my list". Let Pinnacle take the guesswork out of watering with their expertly installed irrigation systems.

water and forget it residental irrigation by Pinnacle

Irrigate and Relax

Your landscape wants water between the hours of four and ten a.m.

That's a challenge! Especially with larger properties.

With an outdoor irrigation system, you can set it to automatically stop and start within your desired time frame for maximum effectiveness and savings and you'll never roll up a hose again.


Watering efficiently requires attention to frequency, timing,  and amount of water.  Plants thrive when these conditions are met. Pinnacle uses quality systems and our experience allows us to tackle any situation with ease and confidence.


Our technicians develop an irrigation plan that maximizes all aspects of the system to evenly distribute water across your property. We partner with the best suppliers AND we put away that unsightly garden hose!

“Your team did a great job with clearing our leaves, hard working, we really appreciate it.”