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Plants bring variety and wonder to a landscape.

Explore options and love your planters and landscape. The magic is in the plantings! Modern, old fashioned, ordinary, or exquisite, Pinnacle's team will help you select plants that fit your style as well as your water specifications, soil, and setting. 


fun shape and color
summer planter with kale

Stems, foliage, blossoms, buds!

For Pinnacle, selecting the best combination of plantings is

  • 1/3 art
  • 1/3 heart
  • 1/3 smart


ART: Beauty in shapes, color, character, and style.

HEART: That pitter patter you feel when you witness a beautifully arranged planter or garden space.

SMART: The knowledge to select plants that thrive together in various light, soil, and water conditions.


All plants are not created equal. The trick is to identify a variety of plants that thrive together, so that throughout the seasons, even while dormant, your plantings continue to show their signature style.


Pinnacle's plant artisans stay up to date on new plant varieties as well as old reliables. We  source plants from trusted suppliers. We consider your water requirements, lighting, and specific traits inherent to your landscape or container growing needs.

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