walls for resting and retaining

Put the beauty and strength of stone into your outdoor landscape.

Walls for resting and retaining, surround an outdoor area with stone or block features to bring a new dimension or set a stage for plants and elevation with a practical artistically inspired retaining wall.


Stone, Block, Pavers - durable and beautiful

wall seat
natural stone retaining wall
retaining wall materials
block retainer around swimming pool
retaining wall with steps down


Add a new dimension to outdoor living, or shore up a sloping elevation with a stone or block wall. Sometimes it takes some heavy lifting for holding back soil and diverting drainage. Sometimes the beauty and durability of stone is a welcoming agent for fire pits and seating walls.


Pinnacle sources the best materials and is meticulous about the details to ensure your hardscaping project does what it's supposed to do:

  • Inspire
  • Invite
  • Steady

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